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【2022 Guide 】How To Find A Reliable Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder In China

How To Find A Reliable Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder In China

Shipping to the Amazon FBA from China can be confusing, especially if you’re new to Amazon.Even experienced FBA sellers tend to be overwhelmed with various options and regulations.No matter how daunting the challenge becomes, it is necessary.This is more important for importers, as they also have to deal with transport parts, customs clearance, procedures, etc.No matter how difficult it seems, it is an essential and mandatory process.

The easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to ship your goods from China to the Amazon FBA is to work with an accredited freight forwarder specializing in the Amazon FBA.

Working with a reputable Chinese freight forwarder can achieve significant cost savings compared to a company located in your final destination.When doing business in China, nothing is like being down-to-earth.

Ebuysourcing is a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers who want to save money and time by outsourcing their shipping services to China.We provide a full range of inspection, preparation and freight forwarding services in China and the United States.

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1.What was the biggest mistake that beginners made when shipping to the Amazon FBA FBA from China?

Not understanding how the coronavirus affects Amazon FBA shipments.

A.Transportation costs: After the coronavirus affects China and other countries, transportation costs increase significantly, especially by air transport.Air freight rate has more than tripled.At present, air transport prices are still very high, especially for air express delivery.

B.Shipping time: longer waiting times by air and shipping for shipping space, significantly more congested shipping terminals around the world, and congestion has not improved due to the reduced number of workers.

C.Routes: In addition to increased transportation costs and transportation time, the routes are also affected by the epidemic.Some logistics hubs and terminals were forced to temporarily stop operations due to reduced manpower, resulting in rerouting of goods to the nearest available terminal or hub.

If you plan to ship to Amazon from China, we strongly recommend that you contact our shipping team as early as possible.We are eager to help you develop your plan to ensure that your Amazon inventory is not affected by COVID-19 delays.

Click on the link below to share your details, and people in our transportation department will contact you in less than a day.

2. How to find a reliable freight forwarder for your Amazon shipping?

2.1Should you choose a freight forwarder from China or a destination country?

No matter how the mode of transportation goes from China to the destination country is, it is always best to choose the Chinese freight forwarder, because the Chinese freight forwarder has language and geographical advantages, and has become the ideal choice for overseas transportation.This will make the shipping process faster, save your time, and shipping prices will be cheaper than shipping agents in your country.During transportation, you will also need a Chinese warehouse for storage and preparation.

An experienced Chinese freight forwarder will be fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese; it will have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese business culture, managing Chinese suppliers, category and procurement process, quality control, audit and logistics experience.The local forwarder (from the destination country) usually needs to contact another agent in China to handle picking, preparation, storage, and customs clearance, which will cause you to increase your cost and time.

2.2Matters to consider when selecting the best freight forwarder

Transparency: Freight forwarders involve multiple numbers that change or increase based to multiple factors.A good freight forwarder should be honest and frank with these numbers, from cost to cost, tariff, all the way to the last penny.Furthermore, freight forwarders must be transparent in terms of cost savings.When looking for freight forwarders, be sure to ask this transparency question directly and see how they will respond.

Availability: When looking for a freight forwarder, be sure to check whether there is a place or port of destination that they do not serve, otherwise you cannot go there.

Customer Service: How do freight forwarders do with their partners and customers?Do they communicate very often?Do they have entities in both the country of origin and the country of destination?Despite the different time zones, can they easily reach them?

Packaging Services: In addition to the supplier, a good freight forwarder should also provide you with comprehensive or complex packaging services.As we have said, each product has its required packaging specifications, and a good freight forwarder should not only know all of this, but especially should also be able to provide it for you.

Insurance Package: Most freight forwarders will offer you their own insurance contracts and packages.These packages may seem complex (they do be complex!), So be sure to sit down and let the freight forwarder explain it out to you.

Tracking: Being able to monitor your goods in real time should not be a luxury, but a standard.From the supplier’s warehouse all the way to the Amazon Operations Center, freight forwarders should be able to access information about the whereabouts of your goods anytime, anywhere.

Warehousing service: A competent freight forwarder company should have its own storage space.Things can happen, and flights or sea shipping can be accidentally cancelled.If this happens, you need a freight forwarder to reassure you because the product you have paid for is safe and reliable.

Certificate: When looking for freight forwarding, always ask to check their certificates and credentials.The industry is filled with scammers looking for the next victim.A good way to avoid them is to find reliable and reliable freight forwarders.Remember to request references, too; this is the perfect way to check their experience and expertise.

2.3Arrange the supplier to deliver direct or find a reliable freight forwarder?

The supplier may not be fully aware of the import requirements for your goods.You can leave manufacturing to suppliers, but never to manage your transportation and logistics.That is why high-growth e-commerce brands choose to work with reputable Chinese freight forwarders or Chinese third-party logistics companies (such as Ebuysourcing).

Shipping is something that you should not give to the supplier.The supplier’s business is to produce goods and help you export from China.They usually don’t have details about your destination country import requirements, Amazon FBA tag requirements, etc.

Also, freight forwarders are in the business of transporting goods, so they can get better shipping than your supplier, or if you try to arrange shipping yourself.

Other advantages of using China freight forwarders include direct communication with your suppliers, which will save you time, especially when time zones vary widely.Having your freight forwarder in China will make you more assured that the goods will leave the county with proper shipping labels and in good condition.

3.Shipping from China to the Amazon FBAFBA

The first decision you need to make when shipping your goods to the Amazon FBA is to choose a mode of transportation.This will give you insight into how long it takes and shipping costs.Some sellers have lost the ability to earn more profits simply because they have failed to decide which mode of transportation suits them at the start of the purchase.

3.1Express delivery

There are many famous express delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and more.

Express delivery means emergency and faster delivery at higher prices and rates than other modes of transport.

Express from China to Amazon FBA are perfect for goods with volume and gross weight lower than 1 CBM and 200 kg, respectively.The billing weight is gross or bulk weight, whichever is higher.The formula used to calculate volume and weight (using a metric system) is the total CBM divided by 5,000.

Express Money Saving Tips:

Tip 1: To save money, freight forwarders or freight forwarders are the best solution, because they can find a delivery company that gives you a reasonable price, and they can also get a discount price that you can’t find on their official website.

Tip 2: There is no tariff or customs clearance fee for goods shipped under $800.

If you purchase a lot of goods ($1,500 or more), we recommend that you communicate with your supplier in advance and declare a value of less than $800 before shipping.You can also ask your supplier to split your goods into two batches and declare each shipment value of less than $800.This way you can save on tariffs and customs clearance costs.

3.2 Airlift

Using China Air Transport is the best option when your cargo weighs over 200 kg and exceeds 2 CBM.

The advantage of air lift is that it is much faster than shipping, and maybe even cheaper for small volume shipping.

The volume weight of air transport can be calculated as the total CBM divided by 6,000.

Some types of products are not allowed by air transport, such as aerosol cans or sprays, dry ice, and lithium batteries.

Airlift will be about 10 days slower than delivery, but it all depends on your freight forwarder choice.

Air lift time from China to the US Amazon warehouse —— usually takes 10 to 12 working days.

—— usually takes 12 working days.

The —— usually takes 13 working days from China to the European Amazon warehouses (Britain, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and Spain).

Tip: If you use a shipping agent or your supplier, customs clearance and tariffs are usually included in the shipping rate, but you must confirm with your supplier or shipping agent in advance.After customs clearance, freight forwarders usually arrange for the DHL, UPS, or FedEx from the airport to the Amazon FBA.

3.3 Shipping

3.3.1 LCL&FCL

China shipping is usually the best choice when the cargo volume is at least 2 cubic meters or the weight is 400 kg or more.

There are two common options; less than container loading (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).Volume will determine which of the two options is better for your shipment.

Prate volume per cubic meter is usually three times more expensive than whole volume.However, it is the best option for goods of less than 14 CBM.If the cargo is greater than the stated volume, the FCL may be more suitable for use, even if your cargo is not filled with the entire container.

In addition to the cost, sea shipping can usually transport goods that cannot be transported by air transport.

The container model is mainly divided into three types: the container loading 20 “GP 40″ GP 40 ” HQ

3.3.2 Shipping time

There are many factors affecting the transport time, such as weather, holidays, customs inspection, etc., and the transport time from China to the Amazon FBA is about 25-35 days or longer.

3.3.3 Calculate the shipping weight and size

There are two methods of calculating weight —— one is by cubic, the other by kg.

Volume: Shipping takes at least 2 cubic meters to the Amazon FBA, with no customs clearance and tariffs, and can only be transported to the destination port.

Weight: The United States requirements for shipping are at least 100 kg, 21 kg in Canada, and 100 kg in Europe.

If the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, it is charged by volume weight.

The volume and weight calculation formula is as follows: volume and weight

= Long (cm) * Width (cm) * High (cm) / 6000;

3.3.4 Shipping freight rate

Shipping fees consists of basic freight and surcharges, as well as customs clearance and tariffs.Surcharges mainly include: packing fee, document fee, AMS fee, customs declaration fee, insurance premium, storage fee and trailer fee.The calculation of shipping fees is complicated, but to save these tedious calculations, we recommend finding a professional FBA freight forwarder to ship from China to Amazon FBA, who will help you complete all the transportation and customs clearance.

Therefore, we offer an FBA freight calculator (updated monthly), including freight rates from China to the Amazon operating center.The reference price should help you to estimate the cost of the product.The FBA freight calculator is calculated per kilogram.Expsts include customs clearance and tariffs and access to Amazon warehouses from China.

3.4 Train transport

Train services are only provided when shipped from China to Europe.All Amazon operating centers from China to Europe will take about 30 days.Trains are safer than sea and if products go to Europe most of our customers will choose to train them.For train transportation, the time and cost are almost the same as for shipping to the Amazon warehouse.

3.4.1 Train transport volume and weight

The volume weight of train transport is calculated the same as air transport (volume divided by 6000).If the actual weight is greater than the volume weight, it is charged at the actual weight.If the weight is less than 1 kg, press 1 kg.

3.4.2 China to Amazon train transportation time

Amazon warehouses usually take about 25 working days (including customs clearance) from China to Europe (Europe, Britain, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and Spain).

4. Conduct a quality inspection of your goods

It is important to keep in mind that when you ship the goods directly from China to the Amazon FBA, you will not have the opportunity to check the goods for their quality before they reach the Amazon gate.

To add additional protection, we recommend that you arrange a quality control inspection while the goods are still at the factory.Conduct Preshipment inspection (PSI) to ensure that the product is produced in accordance with you and Amazon standards.

Fortunately, these services are relatively cheap in China.Ebuysourcing even offers the option to purchase Chinese quality control services through a simple click button, and your goods can be checked in just 24 hours of booking.

  • Correct package and label goods for Amazon

All Amazon items need to be packaged under the Amazon packaging requirements.We will tell you how to make sure your suppliers understands these requirements so that your goods arrive intact and ready to enter the Amazon Operations Center.

Read the detailed requirements for Amazon’s correct packaging and labeling of items: outer boxes, product boxes, box marks, and FNSKU product labels.

How to label Amazon on your product?There are 3 ways to choose from that you can choose from your own situation.

1) Mark your goods by your Chinese supplier 2) label yourself 3) Prepare the service company by Party 3

If you want to label your goods by Party 3, then you must choose to ship the goods to Party 3.

Often, these 3rd side companies have professional FBA teams with rigorous training in FNSKU labeling, bundling, plastic bags and all other requirements.

The only problem is that the labor costs in the US are quite high, 5-6 times higher than in China.For example, if the cost of labeling a product in China is $0.02, the cost in excess exceeds $0.1 0 in the US.

China has not as many preparatory service companies as in the United States.Usually Chinese purchasing agencies play the role of preparing service companies.                                                    

7. Conduct a container loading inspection

You now understand that there are many unique requirements to comply with Amazon’s FBA policies and regulations to shipping your goods to their warehouse.

Regardless of the mode of transport, you must conduct a Chinese container loading check for the Container Loading Check.why?Because the worst thing that could happen is having all this trouble, and then your merchandise is delayed or rejected by Amazon for failing to meet the proper packaging and labelling requirements.

8. Be sure to purchase shipping insurance when shipping to the Amazon FBA

Generally, shipping your cargo to Amazon changes hands multiple times, especially for regular cargo shipments such as air and sea.

Since the accident did occur, your goods are at risk of damage.It is usually difficult to get compensation when your goods get damaged.Considering all your investments worth shipping your goods without China freight insurance.

Depending on the insurance coverage, buying freight insurance makes your goods 100% insured from the moment you leave the supplier to the moment you reach the Amazon FBA.It is very affordable and makes you rest easy.

9. Contact the customs broker to obtain your shipping documents

Now that your goods are insured, it is time to organize your shipping documents, and we always recommend that you use qualified customs clearance lines to avoid delays, fines, or direct rejection of your goods.

Step 10: Track your shipment

Last but not least, don’t forget to track of your shipment.If you are using air delivery methods such as DHL or UPS, you can easily track your shipment using the tracking number offered to you by the sender.

You can also track your shipments through a reputable and established Chinese freight forwarder.

For example, in the Ebuysourcing:

We will promptly inform you of the shipping progress.

We offer you a transportation plan.

We send a copy of the bill of lading for your shipment.

We will follow the clearance and send you an actual copy of the entry summary for your reference fee.

Why do you choose theEbuysourcing

Leading Amazon FBA freight forwarders

Ebuysourcing is an experienced and reputable Chinese agent sourcing and Chinese freight transportation company specializing in shipping goods from China to the Amazon FBA.

As soon as Amazon launched the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), we started providing freight forwarding services to their warehouses around the world.Today, we send thousands of such goods every month, making us the leading Amazon FBA freight forwarder.

Although there are many companies offering similar services, we can confidently say that no company knows the business as we do.

Save you on your time and money

Managing your suppliers in China takes lots of time.By outsourcing your preparation and logistics processes to us, you can save more time available for your business.With the low labor costs in China, you will receive lower preparation costs than in your market.

Transparent and has no hidden cost

Like you, we pride ourselves on doing our business in an honest and transparent manner.Not only will we do our best to provide competitive quotes for your Amazon freight forwarding needs, but we will preanticipate and communicate any fees related to your specific situation.

Flexible add-on services

Our proactive team will guide you through our simple and comprehensive process, from delivery services and FNSKU tags to storage and repackaging.In addition to the standard Amazon FBA shipping service, we can complete all of the FBA-related services for you.

Make the most of our experience

Our background and experience enable us to advise you on the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective route to ship your goods to Amazon.There are no problems we haven’t had, no challenges we haven’t overcome.

We have a great reputation for shipping, airline connectivity and a good customs reputation, and we are known for providing competitive prices and timely delivery to capture the freight forwarding industry market.

Our experts are ready to start your worry-free shipping trip, click here for more information, offers and offers.





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