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Product quality inspection

Product quality inspection

Inspecting your product before it reaches Amazon’s warehouse is the only way you can maintain confidence that your product will be accepted by Amazon and your customers. FBA inspections by our China quality inspection and control team inspect all important areas of your product and packaging and ensure compliance where required.

Therefore, Ebuy Inspection provides you hassle-free Amazon FBA inspection, which will ensure that your products enter the Amazon warehouse and will not be rejected for any Amazon FBA violation.

When conducting an Amazon FBA audit, Ebuy Inspection checks for:

Quantity of order:

Our inspectors will perform a quantity check to ensure that your supplier delivers the quantity that you have agreed upon.

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Product specification compliance:

The requirement to confirm the quality specification of the product, if the specification is incorrect, your supplier will have the opportunity to correct their error before your product is shipped to Amazon.

Field usage test:

Our field testing gives you confidence that once your product is in the hands of your customers, your product will perform as advertised.

Carton size check:

Carton size plays a vital role in the storage and shipping costs associated with your Amazon products. Our inspectors will confirm the weight and dimensions of your product packaging and export carton.

Product Labeling and FBA Compliance Checks:

Our inspectors will review your product packaging and labels to ensure they meet Amazon FBA compliance requirements. Non-compliant products are a significant risk that can result in fines, seizures, or rejections by Amazon and customs. This inspection protects you from any of these risks.

After the Amazon FBA audit is complete, Ebuy Inspection will provide you with a detailed report in PDF format that includes a breakdown of all inspection qualified areas. The report will also include pictorial evidence of any defects found. As a result, you’ll have a comprehensive report at your disposal and keep your shipment intact until it’s sent to your customer.

Amazon FBA inspection report?

Your product will be thoroughly inspected for any defects against the comprehensive list to be included in the report. Additionally, each section of the report will be accompanied by picture evidence to help you better understand.

The main parts of our report include:

Ebuy Inspections reviews as a summary of the entire report

Visual and Workmanship Check Section: This section will check the supplier’s workmanship and indicate if any discrepancies are found.

Quantity Compliance Section: This section will display any findings regarding the quantity of the product and compare it to customer requirements.

Product Compliance Section: This section will display details of the products and whether these products have defects in standards or product quality.

Son Labeling Requirements Section: This section will highlight any issues found in the labelling requirements compared to the Amazon FBA requirements.

Test Section: Field Testing Section: This section of the report deals with the tests performed on the product and the results of each test.

Measurements Section: The Measurements section of the report highlights if there are any issues with individual product measurements and if they are not meeting customer requirements.

Carton Weight and Dimensions: This section lists if there are any issues with the carton weight and dimensions compared to Amazon FBA requirements

This comprehensive report with pictures will help you resolve all issues with your shipment and take corrective action

Why is Amazon FBA Inspection Important?

Many companies fail to meet strict FBA requirements, and as a result, their products, and sometimes entire batches, are rejected for failing to comply with Amazon’s FBA requirements. Amazon FBA inspection will ensure you enjoy worry-free selling on the Amazon platform, and Ebuy inspection will satisfy FBA requirements.

Your last line of defense against low quality

Amazon sellers often look for the easiest way to manufacture and ship their products to start selling. Blindly accepting a vendor’s product without doing the necessary due diligence is a recipe for disaster. The risks associated with not conducting adequate pre-shipment inspections can result in negative customer reviews, product returns, Amazon takedowns, or worse, harm and liability.

Perform quality control checks before your products are shipped to Amazon, giving buyers more confidence that their orders meet agreed-upon specifications and will not lead to harmful or dangerous results once the product leaves the supplier.

Everything you need in one place

Our quality department is ready to help you succeed. Not all quality requirements are the same, and our team is more than happy to consult with you and help you identify avenues for continuous quality improvement. Our experienced team of professionally trained inspectors and quality experts can help you customize a quality plan and make your products meet your customers’ requirements.

Inspection report of the day

You don’t have to wait to see the first draft of the inspection report. We guarantee to provide you with an inspection report on the day of inspection. We know timing is everything, which is why we see the importance of getting you inspection details as soon as possible. Once your inspection is over, our inspectors will work to complete their report. After they have completed their assessment, our quality management team will review your inspection and deliver it.

Then, we’ll be on hand to help answer questions and guide you in making an informed decision about your next steps.

Urgent requests are very welcome

You may need to check when you least expect it. Our inspectors are always on call and ready to be dispatched to any factory within China. We guarantee that with 48 hours’ notice we can have an inspector ready to visit your supplier. If your inspection needs are more urgent than this, we promise to do our best to accommodate your needs.

So you need to know in advance if the purchasing agent does not do the inspection.


FBA inspection is a quality control inspection focused on ensuring that manufactured products meet Amazon FBA fulfillment requirements. Inspectors perform standard inspections and inspections to ensure products and product packaging comply with the terms of Amazon FBA.

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