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OEM Service

OEM Service(5%-10% Service Fee)

If you want to build your own personal brand as a new entrepreneur, and require a high standard image, photo and package design, you may choose our OEM solutions. Just pay a service fee of 5%-10% of the purchase order value, and you will enjoy the following services.

Service Fee Details

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Order Amount


Less Than $1,000














Production Progress Tracking

After an order is placed, it is expected that the finished products conform to the agreed sample. Production tracking is a long process, usually lasting 20 to 60 days. We can coordinate with the factory on your behalf to ensure timely delivery of the products that meet your purchase requirements.

Packaging of Custom Design or OEM Solution

If you are an entrepreneur with your own brand, and require a high standard of packaging, photos, etc., we have a custom packaging solution that suits you.

Free Photographing

We can provide 5 free photos with a white background for each product, which you can easily upload onto Amazon or other e-commerce platform (Note: 1. photos with a scenic backdrop are subject to a charge. 2. 5 free photos with a white background are only available for each single product with a minimum order value of $1,000. For a single product with order value of $500-$1,000, 3 free photos with a white background are provided. In other cases, we charge $5 for each photo with a white background.

Quality Inspection

We will randomly select 20%-30% out of the finished products to conduct a check. If any defects are found, we will contact you immediately, and assist you in negotiating with the supplier. By charging a 5% service fee, we will check the products for an unlimited number of times until the quality issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

Free Storing

We offer 90-day free storing. We can collect and combine all your packages and save on shipping.  


Our competitive rates for whichever shipping mode you choose allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. The international express mail service and international parcel post service we provide are up to 15% cheaper than the market rate.


We can ship your products from China to any country or Amazon’s warehouse, and carry out import/export procedures on your behalf.

One-on-One Customer Service

We provide one-on-one professional services. Our multilingual customer service team has over 10 years’ experience in foreign trade who understand your procurement needs and are able to respond to your needs within the shortest time.

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