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2022 Lighting Sourcing Guide, Zhongshan Guzhen, China’s Largest Lighting Wholesale Market

2022 Lighting Sourcing Guide, Zhongshan Guzhen, China’s Largest Lighting Wholesale Market

Guzhen is located in the northwest of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and is known as the “capital of China’s lighting” at home and abroad. The lighting industry is Guzhen’s leading industry and also the economic pillar of Guzhen.

In Guangdong, 75% of the lamps are from Guzhen. Guzhen has more than 7,000 lighting enterprises, more than 30 billion yuan of annual sales, and more than 110,000 employees. Zhongshan Guzhen is China’s most important wholesale lighting market and is the main source for lighting retailers. This article will take you to understand the main wholesale market of Zhongshan lighting.

1. Starlight Union

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Starlight Union is located in the center of Zhongshan, Guzhen, the world’s lighting capital, adjacent to the Twin Towers, with a total construction area of nearly 300,000 square meters, a total of eleven floors, divided into three major exhibition halls: the international top lighting brand hall, the international LED light effect experience hall, and China’s high-end lighting brand hall. As the professional lighting market with the highest brand positioning in the global lighting industry, Starlight Union has gathered more than 400 domestic and foreign famous lighting brands. Its categories have covered various styles of lanterns, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, switches, etc.

After entering the mall, there are service desks on both sides. You can take a guidebook from the attendant, it has an introduction of all types of lighting as well as their location. You can visit according to the style you want to target, which is a great time-saving.

2. Huayi Plaza

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Huayi Plaza is located in Zhongshan City, Zhongxing Avenue South 1. It gathers many well-known lighting brands and is divided into crystal pavilion, Europe and the United States Pavilion, Chinese Pavilion, modern Pavilion, import pavilion, lighting custom pavilion, foreign trade pavilion, and has multiple functions such as wholesale, processing, and marketing.

3. Kaiyuan Lighting Wholesale Plaza

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Kaiyuan Lighting Wholesale Plaza is located in Zhongshan City, Murray Road. With hundreds of suppliers out there, it is highly recommended by e-commercers, retailers, and dropshippers who looking for low-priced lighting products.

4. Ruifeng lighting Plaza

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Ruifeng lighting Plaza is located on Zhongshan Zhongxing Avenue 96, and mainly focus on the essential oil diffuser with LED,  LED ceiling lamp, crystal chandelier, lamp strip, and downlight.

How to identify the right lighting supplier for your business

In Guzhen, you must have a clear goal for sourcing, while the lights there are much cheaper, it requires a lot of time and effort to identify the right supplier, otherwise you will get lost in various kinds of lighting products. MOQ is also should be taken into your consideration, make sure you place a sample order before you order a large amount. Last but not least, most products are not in stock, only samples, you can expect delivery 5-7 days after you order them.

Another point to add here is that the street of lights in Zhongshan Shiqi District is also a great choice for merchants. There are all sorts of good quality lighting products with great prices.

For quick reference, the key features of the wholesale market are summarized as follows.

Starlight Union: Monobrand stores, high-end products

Huayi Plaza: Monobrand stores, high-end products

Kaiyuan Lighting Wholesale Plaza: Wholesale, low price

Ruifeng Lighting Plaza: Wholesale, low price

I recommend 4 strategies for sourcing there, including:

          1. Determine your desired type of product.

          2. If your budget is limited, you can go to Kaiyuan Lighting Wholesale Plaza and Ruifeng Lighting Plaza. 

          3. In general, the displayed price of an item can be pretty high, but it is not the actual selling price. Be sure to negotiate with suppliers for a proper price. In some cases, you can even spend half of the displayed price to buy the same product.

          4. Even though Guzhen is not a big place, it is necessary to make a detailed plan before you get there, which not only makes it more convenient for you to walk through the town, but also saves you a lot of time. In addition, you can have a better understanding of the main distribution centers of lighting products.

The following are common Q&A that can be very useful:

           Q: What is the principle of purchasing lighting products?

           A: Because of the high-frequency usage and Low-frequency consumption of lighting products, they are closely related to our daily life. For that reason, you should choose based on whether they suit your home decoration, whether they are durable, whether they focus on light health, and whether they are easy to be repaired or replaced.

           Q: How to identify a decent lighting product?

           A: A lighting product is composed of two parts: a fixture and a light source. The fixture should meet the requirements of reliable structural design, materials, process, and safety; The light source should meet the standards of durability, light intensity, and safety.

           Q: Why is the price gap so huge for the same type of product?

           A: The accessories, the process procedures, the light sources may all vary greatly. any material/process differences will lead to a huge price gap. 

           Q: Which type should I choose?

           A: Choose a type based on your home decoration, budget.

          Price comparison for different materials: Copper > stainless steel, crystal > glass, and acrylic > ordinary plastic.


Thank you for reading. If you think this article is helpful to you, please feel free to share it with others. If you have any questions about the Zhongshan Guzhen lighting market after reading, please post a comment below so we can help you. If you are interested in importing from China, please feel free to contact us.

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