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International Postal Parcel

International Postal Parcel

EBUYSOURCING has been working with postal service providers of each country to achieve delivery of consignments at the lowest possible price. Yet, competitive price means longer delivery time. Once you upload your order and your parcels arrive at our company, we will arrange the delivery and provide a tracking number that can be used to monitor the progress of your parcels on the relevant postal service provider’s official website.

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Approximate Time Schedule

For detailed information please see quotation

Destination Country

United States, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Thailand, Israel, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Brazil

*Only limited to the incorporated territories of the above countries

Cargo Type

Package (one ticket per item)

Shipping Properties

General items, battery operated

Weight Limit


Prohibited items

*The country announced the prohibited exporting of certain goods, such as antiques, currency and prohibited items, air freight prohibited items
*Ebuysourcing will not refund the shipping fee should a customer mail package by air, which includes false brands, or the certain item prohibited by the customs, resulting in unqualified security check and returned package

Return Instructions

This channel does not provide return services

Freight Quote

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Kind reminder: For detailed channel requirements, please refer to the channel requirements listed in the quotation price!

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