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International Express

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International Express

International express is launched by Ebuysourcing and four major express delivery companies to efficiently deliver goods around the world. The flight from Hong Kong Airport has the advantages of fast timeliness at an excellent cost. The customer uploads their order, and after the goods arrive at our company, the tracking number will be received. This allows for the transportation to be tracked on the official website of the four major express delivery organisations.

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Approximate Time Schedule

3-7 business days

Destination Country


Service Provider


Weight Limit

Charge from 0.5KG

Other Requests

1. CE products: It is required to print the CE label on the transport package, and provide a qualified CE certificate during customs inspection, otherwise the responsibility arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer.

2. The actual goods must match the name declared on the shipping order list. In case of inspection, the general time is 7-21 days or longer (no compensation). If you need to provide relevant documents for customs clearance, please cooperate with the customer. Ebuysourcing is not responsible for the suspension of your order caused by the inconsistency of the declaration, and all consequences and expenses shall be borne by the recipient.

3. The limitation of time delay caused by force majeure factors is not within the scope of compensation, such as: customs inspection, shipping company schedule/route change/delayed arrival at port, typhoon, earthquake, flood, hail, snowstorm, government action, strike, riot, pandemic, etc.

Product Properties

All shipments are acceptable for carriage except prohibited goods. Please refer to the quotation for detailed costs, please contact us for specific information.

Delivery Method

International express transportation, full air delivery.

Customs Clearance

The service provider's agent will assist during customs clearance, however requires the recipient to cooperate

Tax Refund Standard

Accept export declaration tax refund, each ticket will be charged 500RMB customs declaration fee.

Freight Quote

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Kind reminder: For detailed channel requirements, please refer to the channel requirements listed in the quotation price!



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