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Industry Clusters in China

Industry Clusters in China

China is the largest trading country with the United States, Japan, the European Union, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions. From 2016 to 2020, China’s export growth rate was more than 10% per year. If you want to find the right supplier in China, understanding the industry clusters will be very helpful. In this article, I will briefly introduce the 5 major industry clusters located in China.

Guangdong industry clusters

Guangdong Province is the most developed manufacturing province in China and is known as the “World’s Factory.” So how many industry clusters are there in Guangdong, and what does each one mainly focus on?

1. Guangzhou industry cluster: women’s clothing, children’s clothing, bags, and 3C digital devices.

2. Shenzhen industry cluster: packaging, electronic components, and 3C digital devices.

3. Humen industry cluster: women’s T-shirts, dresses, and Japanese and Korean clothing.

4. Dongguan industry cluster: electronics, plastic materials, and mold.

5. Zengcheng industry cluster: men’s clothing, women’s jeans, and men’s jeans.

6. Dalang industry cluster: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, knitwear, and sweaters.

7. Bao’an industry cluster: digital products, and cell phone accessories.

8. Longgang industry cluster: cell phone accessories, digital products, and luggage.

9. Baiyun industry cluster: bags, facial care, and advertising materials.

10. Foshan industry cluster: children’s clothing, furniture, and furniture, paint.

11. Chaozhou industry cluster: packaging, women’s clothing, ceramics, and hardware.

12. Futian industry cluster: cell phone accessories and integrated circuits.

13. Jieyang industry cluster: tableware, small household electrical appliances, kitchen small work.

14. Shantou industry cluster: women’s clothing, toys, chemicals, and packaging.

15. Yangjiang industry cluster: industries: knives, hardware tools, and hand tools.

16. Chaoan industry cluster: kitchen supplies, bathroom facilities, and tea sets.

17. Huadu industry cluster: bags, chemical fiber fabrics, and leather.

18. Huizhou industry cluster: electronic components, plugs, and electrical appliances.

19. Yuexiu industry cluster: daily necessities, lights, and men’s clothing.

20. Nanhai industry cluster: underwear, footwear, and textile fabrics.

21. Luohu industry cluster: jewelry and women’s clothing.

22. Panyu industry cluster: cell phone accessories, amusement facilities, and jewelry.

23. Nanshan industry cluster: women’s clothing and daily necessities.

24. Yanbu industry cluster: underwear, daily necessities, and hardware tools.

25. Yunfu industry cluster: stone, kitchen supplies, and women’s clothing.

26. Rongcheng industry cluster: catering supplies.

27. Tianhe industry cluster: electronics, women’s clothing, and computer accessories.

28. Shunde industry cluster: home appliances, furniture, hardware, and clothing.

29. Zhongshan industry cluster: indoor lighting, LED lighting, and home appliances.

30. Xiaolan industry cluster: lingerie, gifts, lamps, and lanterns.

31. Liwan industry cluster: children’s clothing, cell phone accessories, and jewelry.

32. Jiangcheng industry cluster: nail supplies, nail clippers, and kitchen appliances.

33. Chancheng industry cluster: pants for children, jackets for children, and suits for children.

34. Haifeng industry cluster: jewelry.

35. Chaonan industry cluster: underwear, bras, underpants, and home appliances.

36. Jiangmen industry cluster: plumbing and sanitary ware, LED lighting, and daily necessities.

37. Yangdong industry cluster: kitchen supplies, knives, and barbecue utensils.

38. Chenghai industry cluster: educational toys and models.

39. Chaoyang industry cluster: underwear, small appliances, and digital accessories.

40. Chang’an industry cluster: industries: hardware and jewelry, 3C electronics, hardware

41. Huidong industry cluster: shoes, women’s sweatshirts, and women’s boots.

42. Puning industry cluster: industries: underwear, underwear, pajamas, bras

Zhejiang industry clusters

Zhejiang Province is one of the most important light industry manufacturing areas in China, so what industry clusters are in Zhejiang Province? 

1. Yiwu industry cluster: department stores, accessories, and clothing.

2. Wenzhou industry cluster: shoes and boots, clothing, small commodities, bags and leather goods, office stationery, electronics, packaging, pumps, and valves.

3. Jinhua industry cluster: auto and motorcycle parts, hardware, power tools, clothing, and luggage.

4. Hangzhou industry cluster: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, packaging industry, children’s clothing, furniture, and underwear.

5. Cangnan industry cluster: cloth packaging, paper packaging, labels and tags, calendars, advertising supplies, plastic packaging, and logistics packaging.

6. Tiantai industry cluster: automotive supplies, seat and foot cushions, car interiors.

7. Weili industry cluster: children’s clothing and home textiles.

8. Keqiao industry cluster: knitted fabrics, fabric soft furnishings, bedding, cotton fabrics, and printing and dyeing fabrics.

9. Tongxiang industry cluster: sweaters, fur, silk quilts, leather shoes, and home textiles.

10. Taizhou industry cluster: sewing machines, plastic materials, plastic products, rubber, and plastic.

11. Yongkang industry belt includes catering supplies, hardware, hand tools, furniture, furniture, and storage supplies.

12. Lucheng industry cluster: shoes.

13. Ningbo industry cluster: men’s clothing, household appliances, building materials, sanitary ware, machinery and equipment, and home improvement building materials.

14. Pingyang industry cluster: pet supplies, leather goods, leather goods, and packaging.

15. Huangyan industry cluster: kitchen appliances, tableware, storage, washing, and drying utensils.

16.Shangyu industry cluster: umbrellas, parasols, gift umbrellas, and gloves.

17. Xiaoshan industry cluster: umbrellas, children’s clothing, home textiles, and hardware.

18. Yongjia industry cluster: textile accessories, valves, and pumps.

19. Lishui industry cluster: bamboo and wood products, bamboo charcoal products, and mechanical bearings.

20. Yueqing industry cluster: switches, motors, pneumatic components, sockets, power supplies, wires, and cables.

21. Rui’an industry cluster: bags, auto and motorcycle parts, clothing, crafts, and glasses.

22. Yuyao industry cluster: general plastics, engineering plastics, recycled plastics, and waste plastics.

23. Dongyang industry cluster: gifts, crafts, jewelry, and furniture.

24. Haining industry cluster: leather and fur, socks, lighting, electronic components, and solar photovoltaics.

25. Pujiang industry cluster: handicrafts.

26. Ninghai industry cluster: lighting torch.

27. Yuhuan industry cluster: valves, plumbing hardware.

28. Hengdian industry cluster: magnetic materials. 

29. Cixi industry cluster: home appliances, plumbing hardware.

30. Qiaotou industry cluster: buttons, zippers.

31. Pinghu industry cluster: clothing, trolley bags.

32. Zhuji industry cluster: pearls, socks, jewelry.

33. Wenling industry cluster: water pump, auto interior, auto and motorcycle parts.

34. Linhai industry cluster: sunglasses, sunglasses, glasses cloth, glasses cases.

35. Bangshi industry cluster: plastic tubes, handcrafts.

36. Longquan industry cluster: bamboo and wood products, celadon.

37. Jiande industry cluster: hardware, electrical appliances with low voltage, and agricultural products.

38. Fuyang industry cluster: paper.

39. Tonglu industry cluster: pens, knitwear.

40. Yunhe industry cluster: educational toys.

Jiangsu industry clusters

Jiangsu is a relatively stable manufacturing base with the largest number of manufacturing and retail enterprises. What are the competitive industry clusters in Jiangsu?

1. Suzhou industry cluster: home textiles, wedding dresses, women’s clothing, molds.

2. Shuyang industry cluster: wood materials, garden plants, doors.

3. Wujiang industry cluster: chemical fiber fabrics, knitted fabrics, woolen fabrics, cotton fabrics.

4. Shengze industry cluster: textiles.

5. Changshu industry cluster: children’s clothing, women’s clothing.

6. Xuzhou industry cluster: bulldozers, cranes, construction machinery, construction machinery

7. Wuxi industry cluster: metallurgical steel, electronics, electrical, women’s clothing, children’s clothing.

8. Changzhou industry cluster: chemical intermediates, polyester resin, rubber, and plastics.

9. TongShan industry belt includes the following industries: glass packaging containers, packaging aids, and packaging materials.

10. Nantong industry: cloth and home textiles, textiles and leather, hardware, and building materials.

11. Yangzhou industry cluster: plush toys, hotel supplies, home furnishings.

12. Xiangcheng industry cluster: wedding dresses, mother and child supplies, digital accessories.

13. Zhenjiang industry cluster: chemical products, tools and fixtures, and electronic components.

14. Zhangjiagang industry cluster: plastic machinery, metallurgical minerals, and hand tools.

15. Haian industry cluster: rubber and plastic, machinery, and home textiles.

16. Donghai industry cluster: industries: jewelry, clothing accessories, craft gifts.

17. Taicang industry cluster: metal processing materials, rubber and plastic, women’s clothing.

18. Rugao industry cluster: flowers, trees, bonsai, agricultural, and sideline products.

19. Danyang industry cluster: glasses and accessories, lingerie, tools, and fixtures.

20. Suining industry cluster: leather, office products, culture and education products.

Shandong industry clusters

Shandong is located on the coast of East China, between the lower reaches of the Yellow River and the north-central section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and is the northernmost province in East China. Shandong is China’s third-largest economic province with the second largest population. Shandong, Guangdong, and Jiangsu are the most competitive provinces. Today let us learn about the industry clusters in Shandong:

1. Linyi industry cluster: chemicals, rubber, plastics, non-ferrous metals, locks.

2. Heze industry cluster: interpretation of clothing, wigs, simulation of animals, wine bottle packaging.

3. Qingdao industry cluster: children’s clothing, home textiles, women’s clothing.

4. Zhucheng industry cluster: environmental protection equipment, auto and motorcycle parts, mother and child products, plastic packaging.

5. Yanzhou industry cluster:  machinery

6. Wenshang industry cluster: textiles and clothing, amusement equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery.

7. Zibo industry cluster: industries: home textiles, rubber, plastics, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, mother and child, chemical industry.

8. Dongying industry cluster: petrochemicals, machinery and equipment, hardware.

9. Jimo industry cluster: industries: women’s clothing, children’s clothing.

10. Liaocheng industry cluster: industries: steel.

11. Weihai industry cluster: fishing equipment, fishing rods, cosmetics, seafood, chemicals, food, and beverage.

12. Tengzhou industry cluster: machine tools, flavors, and fragrances.

13. Yantai industry cluster: home textiles, women’s clothing.

Fujian industry clusters

It is located on the southeast coast of China, adjacent to Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Guangdong Province. It is the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

1. Quanzhou industry cluster: shoes, tea sets.

2. Dehua industry cluster: handicrafts, tea sets.

3. Shishi industry cluster: men’s wear, women’s wear, casual pants, jackets, cotton clothes, jeans, outdoor products.

4. Zhangzhou industry cluster: watch industry, gardening and flowers, mother and child products.

5. Jinjiang industry cluster: footwear.

6. Xiangyou industry cluster: handicrafts.

7. Anxi industry cluster: tea

8. Nan’an industry cluster: plumbing hardware.

9. Shaowu industry cluster: household cleaning appliances, activated carbon, bamboo, and wood furniture.

10. Fuan industry cluster: massage equipment, massage chairs, footbaths.

11. Wuyishan industry cluster: tea.

Furthermore, jade in Nanyang, Henan Province, swimsuits in Huludao, Liaoning Province, ceramics in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, furniture in Nankang, packaging in Tongcheng, Anhui Province, and tea in Pu’er, Yunnan Province are all industry leaders.

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