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Foshan-The Capital of China Furniture Industry

Foshan-The Capital of China Furniture Industry

Foshan, as the southern furniture distribution center of China, does have a lot of advantages including a great selection, fast iterative, wide price range. Especially the Longjiang furniture street in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, stretches over 5 kilometers, with a variety of furniture styles available for retailers, which is quite impressive. The benefits of souring in Foshan are as follows:

1. More styles. For people pursuing better life quality, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration.  Such as which style you prefer, whether the furniture materials suit your home decoration, and whether the furniture can meet the needs of your daily life. Foshan is definitely the perfect place for you to source all sorts of furniture, With over 1000 factories located there, you can find whatever style you want in Foshan.

2. Great price. As the furniture capital of China, Foshan is able to provide competitive prices. For that reason, in most cases, purchasing directly from these factories in Foshan is the most cost-effective way to help merchants save a ton of money.

As so many furniture suppliers out there, what are the strategies for source furniture?

1. Do not rush to purchase. Compare as many prices provided by different suppliers as possible to make sure you get the most competitive price.

2. Conduct research before you pay a visit to Foshan, including transportation conditions, locations of main wholesale markets, and the average price in the market, which can help you gain more advantages in negotiating with suppliers.

3. Make a detailed list including all the aspects of the furniture you are looking for, like furniture size, material, design, and so on. A clear sourcing goal is vital for money and time-saving.

Fo sourcing In Foshan, I recommend several places:

1. Lufugong

Foshan Shopping Center 1

Starlight Union is located in the center of Zhongshan, Guzhen, the world’s lighting capital, adjacent to the Twin Towers, with a total construction area of nearly 300,000 square meters, a total of eleven floors, divided into three major exhibition halls: the international top lighting brand hall, the international LED light effect experience hall, and China’s high-end lighting brand hall. As the professional lighting market with the highest brand positioning in the global lighting industry, Starlight Union has gathered more than 400 domestic and foreign famous lighting brands. Its categories have covered various styles of lanterns, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, switches, etc.

After entering the mall, there are service desks on both sides. You can take a guidebook from the attendant, it has an introduction of all types of lighting as well as their location. You can visit according to the style you want to target, which is a great time-saving.

2. Red Star Macalline

Inside Foshan Shopping Center 2

Red Star Macalline is located in Lecong Town, Foshan City, the furniture enterprises there are first-class in China’s furniture manufacturing industry. Macalline mainly focuses on medium and high-end furniture, perfect for people who pursue high quality and cost-effective furniture.

3. Dynasty Home

Inside Foshan Company3

Dynasty Home is located in China’s largest wholesale distribution center for home furnishings and the capital of China’s furniture trade, Lecong town, Foshan City. It specializes in Chinese and modern styles and also often provides special deals, suitable for merchants with medium requirements.

4. Shunlian

Foshan Market 4

If you have a tight budget, Shunlian will be an ideal place for you. You might be stunned by the cheap price out there.

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