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FBA Service

FBA transportation is a logistics service in which EBUYSOURCING transports your purchased goods from China to a global FBA warehouses. This business module is offered and dedicated to sellers of Amazon.

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Service Features

1. Free delivery service
If your product is in Shenzhen, you are only required to notify in advance and we will arrange to pick up the goods as soon as possible. If your supplier is in areas external to Shenzhen, you can request us to arrange domestic logistics, or have your supplier transport the goods to our Shenzhen warehouse.

2. Free warehousing service
We offer a 90 day free warehousing service, which you can effectively and remotely manage your China cloud warehouse through the TMS system.

3. Free external packaging inspection service
We will provide external packaging inspection service for free, to ensure the integrity of the packaging before the logistics process. Amazon may reject your shipment for reasons such as broken external packaging and unidentifiable labels. Choose to partner with Ebuysourcing and this will not happen.

4. Your China Cloud Warehouse
You can store all the goods you purchase in the warehouse of Ebuysourcing. If there is any demand, we can arrange warehouse personnel to pack, inspect, label and ship the goods based on your requirements. Supply chain management service to ensure all operations are complete.

Our preparation process for FBA

1. Print the FNSKU label
2. Commodity packaging
3. Product packaging
4. Print other necessary labels
5. Provide various specifications of packaging bags
6. Place the instruction manual, after-sales card, etc.

Our Shipping Process

Supplier → EBUY Shenzhen Warehouse → Warehouse Loading / Warehousing unloading → China Airport/Port/Railway Freight Terminal → Destination Country Airport/Port/Railway Freight Terminal → Destination Country Warehouse → Truck/UPS/FedEx Delivery → FBA Warehouse


1. You may choose to use our FBA preparation service, or only choose to use our FBA logistics service, or choose all services.

2. Regions external to Shenzhen, you can choose to let us arrange logistics providers to receive the goods to our warehouse in Shenzhen, or request your suppliers arrange logistics providers to send them to our warehouse.

3. If your supplier sends the goods to the warehouse, please allow at least one business day to explain to us the specific warehouse conditions required for the goods, including time, location, number of pieces, weight, product name, logistics carrier, etc.

4. If you use FBA logistics service alone, please contact customer service to inquire.

Customs Clearance

We adopt two methods of double clearance tax and double clearance without tax, and some countries can offer double clearance tax. For details, please refer to the quotation or contact us.

Tax Refund Standard

Accept export declaration tax refund, each ticket will be charged 500RMB customs declaration fee.

Freight Quote

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Kind reminder: For detailed channel requirements, please refer to the channel requirements listed in the quotation price!



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