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Air Express

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Approximate Time Schedule
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Destination Country
United States of America, Japan, Canada, Australia, Europe, (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Morocco, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia , Sweden), United Kingdom
Service Provider

Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Cargo Airlines, Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines

Weight Limit

1. The minimum standard for one shipment is 21KG, that is, the weight of the whole shipment must be 21KG and above, and if the single shipment is less than 21KG, it will be charged as 21KG;
2. The minimum standard for a single box of goods is 12KG. If a single box is less than 12KG, it will be charged at 12KG, and the maximum single box cannot exceed 23KG. (It is recommended that a single box should not be too close to 22KG, to avoid additional costs incurred by the service provider for the second trip)

Other Requests

1. CE Products: The CE marking is required to be affixed to the packaging.  You may be required to provide the CE certificate to customs officers. You are liable for any consequences of not meeting the CE requirements.

2. The goods’ actual description must match that on the shipping list.  Your shipment may be held for inspection. The process can take anywhere from 7-21 days or even longer (The delay is not compensable). Once your shipment has been inspected, further documents may be requested from you. If your shipment is held due to inconsistent information you have provided, Ebuysourcing is not liable for any consequences whatsoever arising from it. All the relevant expenses shall be borne by the recipient.

3. Any delay costs incurred due to an event of force majeure, such as customs inspection, shipping company schedule or route changes, delays of arrivals, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, hail, snowstorms, government actions, strikes, riots, epidemics, etc, are not compensable.

Product Properties

All except prohibited or banned goods are permitted to be delivered through our services. Please refer to our price list, or contact us for more information.

Shipping  Method

Air freight combined with truck or express delivery services such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, DPD, etc. 

Customs Clearance Method

We have options of double-clearance with tax included and double-clearance with tax excluded.  Some countries accept double-clearance with tax. Please refer to the price list or contact us for more information.

Tax Refund Standard

Accept export declaration tax refund, each ticket will be charged 500RMB customs declaration fee

Freight Quote

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Kind reminder: For detailed channel requirements, please refer to the channel requirements listed in the quotation price!



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